Construction & Development

  • Architecture & Design: We work with a highly skilled team of internationally acclaimed architects, with extensive flexible portfolios that cover every possible need and vision.
  • Licensing: Pandomus makes sure that all required documentation is issued on time and submitted to the relevant authorities, while coordinating all planning and building permits for each project.
  • Precise Bill of Quantities: Valuing transparency, Pandomus provides detailed quotations of all materials and labour fees before each project is undertaken, so no surprise cost increase is presented.
  • Construction & Supervision: The Company’s carefully chosen construction teams include reputable civil engineers and a highly skilled workforce that works closely with all company divisions and the investor, in order to provide the best possible end result.
  • Quality Check: Pandomus takes the final delivery process very seriously and approves each product before it is offered to the potential tenant or buyer, through vigorous quality checks.