Communal Property

We provide service and maintenance, for all our clients on sold property for any damages or improbable complications on any communal area, which are carried out by fully trained and experienced tradesmen.

communal property management

All communal areas of all our sold properties are being maintained by our services, making sure all common areas are cleaned and well kept. Furthermore, we perform regularly pest control and general repairs and maintenance whenever required. If any unexpected damage occurs or complication our maintenance staff will be a call away to fix and assist.


Using the best industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials, our services maintain the water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning service for the pool. They make sure a full sanitation is provided and the filtration system is completely clean. They inspect all pool systems and components to ensure proper operation.


Gardening is a key feature in our projects. Quality design and installation are important, therefore our services and maintenance staff will be taking good care of the communal gardens to keep the pleasant aesthetic and warm atmosphere of our buildings.