планирование и дизайн проекта

architectural design

Pandomus offers a holistic and collaborative approach to architectural design.  We are also a dependable partner to protect our customers’ interests, when awarded the responsibility of acting as an employer’s agent.

Our approach with all projects is to spend time with our customers, listening to their needs and aspirations.  This ensures that we understand the specific drivers and constraints for each project.  We provide innovative and imaginative design solutions, in a process that involves communicating frequently with all stakeholders.  Our service is designed to be flexible and responsive, allowing clients to use our skills and services to suit their individual project requirements.  We approach each project in a pragmatic, customer-focused manner that is appropriate to the site, its context, and the resources available.

Our multi disciplinary approach allows us to package together an integrated set of design and consultancy capabilities, providing a complete architectural design service where required.  Our technical disciplines collaborate from the early stages of a project to design the aesthetic and functional elements in harmony with each other.  The interiors and exteriors are harmonised with the structures, services, and technology that support them.

Our technical disciplines can also be provided as individual stand-alone services for new-build or refurbishment projects, or as part of an overall property strategy.  As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, our architects are able to draw upon the full range of property design and support services offered by Pandomus Group.

interior design

Exterior design is appreciated mainly for its contribution to the surrounding environment.  The interior spaces of a building are where we have the greatest opportunity to influence and please the users.

We look at the way people move through a space to perform their daily tasks.  Our interior plans work with the natural flow, and facilitate the functions that take place within the building.  The room shapes, acoustics,  lighting, and tactile response of the interiors are fundamental to the whole design concept.  Materials and furnishings are selected with great care — they help to generate the sensory experience for people at work, at their studies, or at play.

Our qualified interior design specialists work closely with our architectural and building services teams.  Together they produce holistic design themes that work beautifully for either new-build projects or refurbishments.  At every stage we are keen to consult with stakeholders and end users.  We seek their opinion on samples of furniture, lighting, finishes, fabrics, colours, and accessories.  Our inclusive approach means that we consider the special needs of users from the outset.