Why you should consider living in Limassol?

With no doubt, Limassol is one of the best choices an investor should consider.

Limassol is considered one of the largest cities of Cyprus and one of the most significant tourist and trade hotspot in the island. By choosing to live in Limassol, you will, for sure, come across with the hospitality of Cypriot people along with a beautiful carefree atmosphere, an endless nightlife, a great number of museums,  a high quality of  food range to enjoy and a variety of shopping centers: all these combined with 300 days of sunshine and a wide sea-coast to enjoy!

Limassol is also well known for its special carnival and wine festivals, so if you are festival – lover, you will for sure enjoy a great experience by visiting one or both of these festivals. The historical version of the city embraces a wealth of monuments originated from the Byzantine, Roman and Frankish era. A variety of archaeological sites is located to the city, so you can easily have a look at them.

One of the latest and most remarkable developments of Limassol, Limassol Marina, is a unique piece of ornament on the sea. Beautiful traditional houses with a variety of restaurants and cafes and exclusive boutiques, all, are located beautifully around the sea. Limassol Marina is one of the many attractive tourist seaside developments you can find in this city.

If you are working in the city, you are going to get excited with the good balance between work and family you can have. Small  driving distances, low criminality rate and a range of options to cover your needs, will make Limassol an attractive option you can consider to relocate.

The favorable  location of Cyprus, located strategically between the three continents of Europe, Asia and the Middle East makes it an investment hotspot while, at the same time, the well-structured local infrastructure in combination with the highly skilled personnel play a significant role to the investment growth Cyprus has seen in the latest years. In addition, a business established in Cyprus enjoys a plethora of tax advantages, among them is the low corporate tax  12.5% which is considered one of the lowest in Europe. What makes also, Cyprus attractive to businesses is the strong and reliable infrastructure of the baking system as well as the fact that it is a member of the European Union. Every businessman can perform his operations with other states, members of the European Union without any legal restrictions. Taking all the above into consideration, we can easily say that Cyprus may be a small island but, for sure, it is a large country.

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