About Pandomus

Pandomus is a Multifamily Real Estate Office that offers real estate related investment management solutions in Cyprus to HNWI. It operates as an experienced and well-connected partner, dedicated to targeting the most attractive investment opportunities possible and firmly safeguarding the investor’s interests.

With a deep understanding of the Cyprus economy and real estate market, Pandomus uses its continually updated database of insights to develop reliable forecasts with the aim of securing optimum returns at all times, and exceeding investors demands during the entire process of property acquisition.

Our Goals: Aim high. Reach higher.

Property investment is a complicated process which is worth managing correctly from the very first steps, as it has the potential to accumulate value and revenue over generations. This is why every project we undertake is solidified through an unwavering foundation that combines trust, respect and expertise. Each investor we work with is seen as a long-term partner, whose future success depends on our mutual vision and commitment.

Our 360-degree approach, allows us to create expert teams that have the capacity to tailor each acquisition plan and holistically cover almost every real estate need that may arise.

With a highly competitive pricing policy, Pandomus ensures that the quality of services it offers is met with reasonable and affordable fees that are both fair and beneficial for each and every investor.

Our Mission: Success is in the Details

Pandomus is dedicated to transforming its thirst for stringent quality control, thorough research, experience-based competence and well-planned time management, into future-ready investments that preserve capital and result in profits. Our mission is to become true assets for our investors’ assets, by helping them invest in and develop high value properties that promise high value returns.

The Pandomus Vision for Tomorrow

With our eyes steadily fixed on the future, we are driven towards it with the success of our investors as a priority. Our main objective is to become a top-of-mind option for investors and buyers interested in the region and to steadily develop a dynamic portfolio of diverse projects that effectively showcases our range of services and flexibility.

We also aim to help our investors develop sustainable projects that protect the stunning yet fragile biodiversity of Cyprus, ecologically preserving the island’s natural assets for future generations, so they can leave their own proud mark on the local architectural landscape.

Our Journey: Brief History & Milestones


Pandomus Developers is founded aiming to meet increasing demands for high-end real estate investments in Cyprus.


Pandomus Services is created to effectively cover all maintenance and after-sales needs of Pandomus projects.


Pandomus Constructions is founded aiming to ascertain a higher level of quality control during the development of Pandomus projects.


Pandomus is in the position to provide holistic real estate investment support to foreign investors, including expert consultation, assistance during land acquisition, full project development services and sales.


Pandomus rebrands and unifies all its businesses under one operations umbrella with a common identity and structure, focusing on operations as a full service real estate investment management office, for the multifamily sector.


Pandomus enters a new era in real estate focusing on new, creative and out of the box investment opportunities with long term profit forecasts, while targeting project that will benefit both the investor and the Cyprus socioeconomic landscape.